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Prefunded SIM Card Activation

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What is a Pre- Funded SIM Card?

A Pre-funded SIM Card is a SIM Card that is already activated and loaded with monthly prepaid plan.  A phone number is already assigned to the SIM Card.

How to Activate a Pre-Funded SIM Card

Simply click the “Pre-Funded SIM Card Activation” fill out all the required fields and click activate.

What is a Pre-Funded Activation Code?

A Pre-Funded Activation Code is a system generated code assigned to every Activated and Loaded SIM Card.  This one-time-use only code is needed to fully activate and load the Pre-funded SIM card.

How Can I Buy Pre-Funded SIM Cards?

You can order Pre-funded SIM Cards directly from our corporate office or simply order from our 1 click Ordering System.

Important Notice:
All Pre-funded SIM cards are not eligible for porting numbers. Pre-funded SIM cards expire within 45 – 60 days if not fully activated.